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Open House with concerts, films, children's programme and much more.

The silent green and its tenants introduce themselves and their work. Visitors can explore the grounds, watch films, listen to live concerts and DJ sets outside and inside, or enjoy summer drinks and all sorts of delicacies from MARS. For children there is a meadow to play in, a film program to join in and a room for handicrafts and face painting.


  • Open air concerts with MINK and Adelle Nqeto on the meadow
  • Listening sessions in the dome hall
  • dome projections
  • makeup and crafts
  • Children's films by Harun Farocki
  • Guided tours of the Arsenal archives
  • Film program in the transmediale studio
  • Historical tours of the site / and much more.

There is also the opportunity to visit the exhibition Kiss the Moment – Of wormholes and swing chronicles in Dagie Brundert's universe of images in the concrete hall.

  • Saturday 26 August
  • Whole terrain
  • 3pm-9pm
  • admission free
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