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Shulan Wang's solo exhibition of her Golden Dreams series is a continuation of her previous work Untitled Dreams. It exists between the ebb and flow of being and nothing where dreams offer a balance between rationality and sensuality: “I fantasize , I exist; I dream, I exist.” Golden Dreams arose from the spirit's eternal need for sanctuary.

The gold accents on the black and white photographs express the tension of dreams in life, including illusion and reality, mental and physical, light and darkness, destruction and reconstruction, and harmony and disharmony: negative (yin) and positive (yang). .

The combination of modern photography and traditional Chinese gold powder painting creates a blurred sense between past and present to balance the conflict between delicate, gentle craftsmanship and calm, objective photographic techniques.

Shulan Wang is an art photographer based in Berlin and Paris. Her work is based on self-meditation and the hope of finding meaning in eternal existence in the midst of chaos and the balance between rationality and poetry. It's about man's reconnection with nature and the goal of finding our true selves in the labyrinth of our minds.
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