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"Do you remember reading this book about gender, race and Chinese communities in L.A. when you were eight and in the chapter about Anna May Wong you suddenly realized that there is nobody in the world who is more like you than she?

And how did you tell everyone about it? Your parents, your teachers, your classmates, your neighbors and even people who didn’t even know you? And nobody understood you back then, but now I'm standing here in this uniform stage set and I understand you very well: you're like Anna May Wong! And that's why you're the ideal cast for this pan-European film!

Because you are neither one nor the other, neither only German nor exclusively Chinese, but something third, just like Anna! You didn't grow up in China either, you grew up in East Berlin and Anna grew up in Chinatown in L.A. and most of the people there have never been to China either – they only knew China from the Hollywood film sets! For them, China was just a film fantasy, just as the whole world was just a film set for Anna: Berlin, Beijing, Babelsberg, Hollywood, L.A. – cities all look the same anyway, she said, when she song – dirty turned money.

And that's the way it is: Cities somehow all look the same! Just like this unit set! Or like Marlene Dietrich – she just looked like all other white people to Anna.”

andcompany&Co. board the Shanzhai Express together with Yumin Li, Jing Xiang, Keyna Nara and Sabrina Ma and race through the PRATER STUDIOS (made in Chima).

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Additional information
Participating artists
Mascha Mihoa Bischoff
Noëmie Cassagnau
Ramona Hufler
Alexander Karschnia
Yumin Li
Sabrina Ma
Saskia Mommertz
Keyna Nara
Leonard Neumann
Kasia Noga
Nicola Nord
Sascha Sulimma
Jing Xiang
andcompany&Co. (Regie)
Nina von Mechow
andcompany&Co. (Autor/in)
Yumin Li (mit)
Sabrina Ma (mit)
Keyna Nara (mit)
Nicola Nord (mit)
Sascha Sulimma (mit)
Jing Xiang (mit)
Alexander Karschnia (Konzept & Text)
Yumin Li (Konzept & Text)
Nicola Nord (Konzept & Text)
Sascha Sulimma (Musik)
Sabrina Ma (Musik)
Mascha Mihoa Bischoff (Kostüme)
Leonard Neumann (Bühne)
Nina von Mechow (PRATER STUDIOS)
Leonard Neumann (PRATER STUDIOS)
Kasia Noga (Mitarbeit Regie)
Saskia Mommertz (Mitarbeit Dramaturgie)
Ramona Hufler (Mitarbeit Bühne)
Noëmie Cassagnau (Mitarbeit Kostüm)