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Herwig Scherabon, Tanja Saban

Based on the 3-channel audiovisual installation “Seismic Memories in a Field of Shifting Gravity” this performance translates seismic motion and landscapes into body movement and therefore aims to mediate between earth magnitude scale and human scale. The collaboration between media artist, Herwig Scherabon, and choreographer, Tanja Saban, explores the intimacy of the body with its surrounding. The work is based on terrain 3D-scans, drone videos and sound recordings from Maloja in the Swiss Alps. 

KEY VISUAL Seismic © Promo

There is an ontological rift between us, humans, and the earth around us. We rarely get to truly understand the sensitivity and intelligence of our planet, since our experience is caged in an anthropocentric perspective. The vulnerability of ecology is therefore veiled by a narrow understanding of time and space. In order to really feel the ecological collapse that is happening around us, we need to expose ourselves to experiences that transcend this cage. 

Bodies in motion, sound bouncing through space and animated landscapes guide the way to rethinking and re-sensing humans and their relationship to environments. Seismic is an exercise in looking at this relationship with a magnifying lens in the hope of opening up to transcending experiences.

  • Visuals: Herwig Scherabon
  • Choreography: Tanja Saban
  • Performers: Tanja Saban, Davide Troiani
  • Spatial sound: Javier Rojas
Further development of the project "Seismic" into a live performance supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR as well as the support program of the Kulturstiftung der Länder „KULTUR.GEMEINSCHAFTEN“.

at DOCK 11, Saal 4
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Dock 11
Dock 11