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Schwarzblond © Schwarzblond

The original originals from Berlin have created their very own drawer with their "Glamourtainment". The four octave vocals of Benny Hiller and the elf-like babydoll voice of Monella Caspar move in dimensions that could not be more contrasting. Songs between goose bumps and heart tingling, pop and rock, chanson and cabaret do not leave out any emotion. The whole presented in constantly changing haute couture designed by Monella Caspar and extravagant hat creations, which with their exclusivity and uniqueness give a touch of revue character.

Benny Hiller, the androgynous Latin lover, composer and lyricist at the black-and-white keys, makes his audience laugh, marvel and goose-pimple with bell-clear soprano highs, breathy pop songs and cheeky comedy interludes. The Fine Art of Glamourtainment

Ticket telephone: 030 - 333 40 22

This event will take place subject to the current regulations of the State of Berlin. In case of cancellation, tickets purchased online will be automatically refunded. Current Informations

(Program in German)
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Kulturhaus Spandau - Theatersaal