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In the absolute darkness of the darkened factory theater, one of the most exciting poetry slam shows ever awaits you: The Schall & Rauch Slam in the Dark Edition: Robbed of every optical component, the poets prove how much magic lies in their words. In the voice and language, and the images they create.

At the Schall & Rauch, the artists perform under code names behind a shadow wall - their level of awareness and appearance take a back seat. The tuning is done with separate notes for text and performance. The organizer team Jesko Habert & Clara Schlempp invite varied music guests every month, who enrich the evening with a feature insert.

The city's most experimental slam unites newcomers and professionals – and only the text and the performance penetrate the shadow wall hanging from the Fabriktheater stage. What is so experimental? In general, slam poets are allowed to use props behind the Schall & Rauch shadow wall - that alone invites you to unexpected artistic experiments. And special editions are added at irregular intervals: theme slams, schnapps specials, gambling editions or the notorious erotic edition have given the Schall & Rauch the reputation of always serving up artistic innovations. Don't worry: the special editions are of course specially noted here!

This event will be held in German.