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The evening for happy, joint singing of Gassenhauern and other hits under the open sky. Accompanied by Stefanie Bonse on the guitar and Marie-Elsa Drelon on the piano, Schönsänger, Gernsänger, Herdensänger, Chorknaben, Unter-der-Dusche-Sänger meet and sing with Allen Alles, from the Beatles to Abba, Robbie Williams, John Denver, Udo Lindenberg, etc. So that everyone can keep up from the second verse on, the lyrics are projected so that they are easy to read.

And should surprise guest Michael Korthaus be part of the party, the three of them will mix songs, comedy and music-artistic show interludes into a grandiose, musically fine Kappes. There the singing makes perhaps still more fun!

Ticket phone: 030 - 333 40 22