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With new album "Gloaming

With new album "Gloaming" SCALA & KOLACNY BROTHERS go on tour again in 2023. Thereby, the Belgian women's choir stationed on November 18, 2023 in the Berlin Kesselhaus of the Kulturbrauerei. The advance booking has begun.

Scala © presse_consense

SCALA is an all-female choir that records and performs popular rock/metal, hip-hop/dance as well as pop songs in a classical arrangement. The choir is conducted by Stijn Kolacny, while piano accompaniment and song arrangement are done by Steven Kolacny.

In the past, the cover songs in particular have made major appearances in various trailers for Oscar-nominated films such as "Zero Dark Thirty" or "The Social Network", as well as in a whole series of well-known series such as Sex Education, Downton Abbey, The Simpsons, Sons Of Anarchy, Homeland, Desperate Housewives, Lucifer and Nikita. Most recently, the cover of "Smells like teen spirit" landed in the acclaimed series "Kurt Cobain - Montage of Heck", as well as the cover of Alanis Morisette's "You Ought To Know" in the documentary for her album "Jagged Little Pill".

SCALA & Kolacny Brothers have now recorded over 250 songs in various languages. Their latest album "Gloaming" was released in February 2022 and contains exclusively English language covers of famous pop and rock songs.

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