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Hate speech is directed primarily against women and has become a real threat to democracy.

SCHWARZ WEIß PORTRAIT von Sawsan Chebli & Miriam Stein
SCHWARZ WEIß PORTRAIT von Sawsan Chebli & Miriam Stein Markus C. Hurek

Almost every day, Sawsan Chebli is inundated with hate comments and online agitation. When the politician of Palestinian origin speaks out on social media, intervenes in public debate in an interview or with a newspaper article; when she speaks out passionately for a diverse and inclusive society, as she so often does, the flood of hate speech sometimes piles up into brutal shitstorms. She experienced firsthand that digital violence can quickly turn into physical violence when she was physically attacked by a stranger one day in the middle of Berlin. Chebli's experiences are exemplary of a worrying climate of new cyber violence that poses an acute threat to democracy and is directed with particular severity against committed women.

In LAUT, Chebli not only tells of the sexist, racist, and classist abysses of our society into which she had to peer during various shitstorms, but also of positive energy, empathy, and genuine support in the digital tempest. A harrowing, but also eye-opening book - and an appeal to all of us to stand up loud and clear against hate and for peaceful, democratic exchange, and to show decisive civil courage, in analog as well as in digital life.

An event by Literatur LIVE in cooperation with Goldmann Verlag and Thalia Buchhandlung.

(Program in German)
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