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What is success? Is failure a state of mind? Can I find joy and happiness in my struggle? If the object doesn't care if I beat it, am I really beating it?

"Absurd Hero" reveals a dead-pan delirious drama between artist and large 25 kg heavy red walking globe.

The hero is confronted with different game situations, which he can overcome only through his perseverance. Inspired by the Myth of Sisyphus from Albert Camus, the circus is presented as a potentially joyful, yet endlessly futile endeavor.

ROMAN ŠKADRA is a juggler and circus performer from Slovakia. In 2010 he completed a master's degree in geography at Comenius University in Bratislava. Since 2012 he has been living in his adopted home of Berlin, where he successfully completed his training in contemporary circus at Die Etage - School for Performing and Fine Arts. The central theme of his interdisciplinary artistic practice is the relationship between his body and an object. In recent years his practice has shifted from juggling to manipulating heavy objects. Roman sees itself as part of a movement of artists who challenge the conventional perception of circus and create works that sit at the intersection of different art forms and are presented in different contexts. His research is inspired by visual arts, sports, philosophy and human labor. In addition to his own work, Roman has worked with Stefan Sing's juggling company Critical Mess and is part of Squarehead Productions' ''For As Long As We're Here''.