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ROCKkiste - Queen Cover

Rockfonie - a name as a program. An inspiring story of a band that shares their love of Queen's music not only for themselves but also with a wide audience and still performs it with passion and enthusiasm at their concerts. If you will, this is the “Rockfonie” from Rockfonie!

Rockfonie could be a play on words. Playing game?. Just playing music has always been not enough for Rockfonie's actors. About the special thing from the passion for rock music of Christa, Claus, Wolfram, Jens, Klaus and Karli. To highlight the band's name, "Symphonie" became just "Fonie" for short. Fonie stands for tone/sound. Plus the passion for rock. “Rockfonie” was born.

As early as 1979 - in the former GDR - Wolfram Löser was active on the guitar and Klaus Müller on the drums and played their own songs. Even the GDR record label Amiga was so impressed that the titles were published there. Rock classics and Queen covers were also in the program. The members later parted ways.

But the contact was never broken. A meeting took place in 2017. From then on they decided to get together again for their passion, practice and rock the stage with Rockfonie. Experienced musicians were added. Jens Pfretzschner took over the keyboard. His experience as the initiator of the open-air spectacle – “Philharmonic Rock - at the Göltzschtal Bridge” provided inspiration.

Karli, a veteran of ZOE - rooted in the Leipzig area - played the bass. The vocal department was excellently complemented by Christa Löser and Claus Kulisch. Christa, with her years of experience at Musikservice Leipzig, and Claus have replaced the former vocalist Rainer Seifert.

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