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Home care for the elderly has so far remained almost invisible in society. The person in need of care and their relatives are left alone in the current care system. Dignity and Love confronts the current crisis in the care system and reflects on how it could be reformed.

“Grooming is ultimately about taking care of food and waste”*. "Dignity and Love" meets the sometimes difficult and dirty situations with empathy and humor. In reality, this largely corresponds to our tactics in home care in order to be able to continue to do this physical and psychological backbreaking work.

"Dignity and Love" also takes the perspective of the people to be cared for, which will sooner or later be our own. What is important to us? How do we want to live? How do we want to die?

In a greenhouse, a contemporary butoh dancer and a giant beanbag in need of care confront the current care system.

“The situation of the elderly clearly shows the failure of our civilization. The whole human being must be renewed, all inter-human relationships must be recreated if the living conditions of the old man are to become acceptable.” (Simone de Beauvoir)
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