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Their characteristic "bag rock" sound has won the RED HOT CHILLI PIPERS a wide audience and made the Chilli Pipers a global phenomenon. The band rocks concert halls from the USA to China. Sophisticated cover versions of "We Will Rock You " by Queen or "Fix You" by Coldplay are just two examples of how well rock melodies harmonise with bagpipes. In addition to rock songs, traditional pieces like ""Highland Cathedral" are also performed.

The RED HOT CHILLI PIPERS have spent the better part of the last 20 years perfecting their phenomenal live show in front of sold-out audiences worldwide. Trips to Europe and the USA cemented the band's reputation as one of the hottest live acts around! At the MTV Europe Awards in Glasgow, the Chilli's played and did sketches with Ed Sheeran and David Hasselhof. Their stage show is edgy, original, accessible to a wide variety of audiences, but also very culturally valuable.

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