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New Music Festival in Old Walls

The XXXI Fringe Festival (1st Biennale) 2023 will present eleven concerts from July 7th to 9th, 2023 with the first prizewinner's concert for the 1st International Composition Competition of the Ev. Saint Anne's Church in Zepernick. During the festival, the sound installation

Martin Daske's Of Darkness and Other Clouds to be experienced, as well as an exhibition of the painter and graphic artist Günter Blendiger.


2:30 p.m.:
Orchestra of the New Music School Bernau – direction: Niels Templin;
Good Mori Ensemble Daegu (Korea); Soloists: N.N. – Madoline; Karena Fujita – soprano; Karine Gilanyan - piano; Matthias Bauer - double bass

4 p.m.:
cappellA (soloist quartet) - direction: Martin Schneuing; Damir Bacikin – trumpet; Kateryna Vashchenko - violin; Lillia Keyes - cello

17 o'clock:
Good Mori Ensemble Daegu; Damir Bacikin – trumpet; Nadezda Tseluykina - piano; Roman Yusipey - accordion

6:30 p.m.:
cappellA (soloist quartet) - direction: Martin Schneuing; Damir Bacikin – trumpet; Thomas Noll - organ;

Performed Works:

2:30 p.m.:
works of traditional Korean music and Gwyn Pritchard; Alexandra Filonenko; JohnCage; Arne Sanders; René Kuwan

4:00 p.m.:
works by Mayako Kubo; Gabriel Santander; Soojung Park; Changsoon-ryu; Samuel Tramin; Irina Emeliantsev; Martin Daske

17 o'clock:
Works by Johannes K. Hildebrandt; Helmut Zapf; Max E. Keller; Aziz Lewandowski; Eric Janson; Eunsil Kwon

6:30 p.m.:
works by Jinsoo Kim; Friedrich Goldman; Charlotte Since; Herman Keller; Joh. B. Borowski; Helmut Zapf

Admission free
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