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It all starts with a very old story. A boy visits his grandfather and he tells the story. Sometimes Grandpa even falls asleep himself. However, Peter loves one story in particular and when Grandpa falls asleep again, Peter can go to the meadow at the edge of the forest. Grandpa constantly warns about this, because maybe the wolf will come from the forest.

The children can first guess which musical motif represents which character from the story. Of course, they are enthusiastic about it and are happy about their success in guessing. You can also have a say in what should happen to the captured wolf in the end.

City kid, grandfather and gray wolf. A little dance in the shadows. Peter is already 10 and has basically seen everything. The hungry wolf comes in handy. The shadows, the music and Christian Zebisch bring the old story to life. The screen as stage and backdrop. The characters are reflected in the actor. He feels the wolf's hunger, waddles to the relaxing bath, wants to protect Peter as a grandfather and intones the hunters' fearful hunting song with singing, accordion and mini drum set.

Old melodies – new songs – family fun for ages 3 and up – 40 minutes


  • Trumpet – Horn & Violin: Michael Hornauer
  • Direction – concept – accordion & vocals: Christian Zebisch

(Program in German)

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