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Concert series

Psychic Liberation (PL) is a label founded in 2013 that originally ran as a cassette and record store project in New York City with Miguel Alvariño under the title Primitive Languages. Since 2019, Nick Klein has been running it solo from the EU under the title Psychic Liberation. Various international musicians will perform in the concert series.

On January 27th, Naemi, pmxper and Ulla will perform at the monthly concert series of the same name in the Roter Salon - curated by Hugo Esquince and Nick Klein.

Naemi is a Berlin-based artist best known for her work as exael. While the latter project explores more ambiguous and impersonal territories, her work under her own name involves more familiar forms of songwriting and traditional instrumentation. With a kaleidoscopic fusion of influences and sonic aesthetics, pmxper's sounds combine threads from dream pop, idm, musique concrete, ambient and trio hop.

pmxper is a duo made up of Berlin-based artists Perila and Pavel Milyakov. They have been working together for over 3 years and recently released their first self-titled LP via Smalltown Supersound. The band premiered their live program at the Rewire and Berlin Atonal festivals in 2023.

Ulla (Ulla Straus) is an artist currently living in Berlin. Their algorithmic textures shake and oscillate between detailed ambient and jazzy electronics – to name just a few descriptions. She has released music on a number of labels including Quiet Time, Experiences Ltd, West Mineral Ltd, Motion Ward, Longform Editions and most recently Foam on 3XL. Straus has become an indispensable part of the ambient avant-garde thanks to her compositions around electro-acoustics and experimental jazz.
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