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Part three of the trilogy THE PRESENT saves the world - FOUNTAIN OF JOY celebrates the triumph of human imagination: Utopia begins now, tears and training were successful and the salvation of the world ...

THE PRESENT welcomes guests to Spreepark Berlin, THE former (East) Berlin place of pleasure, between post-reunification megalomania and completely new urban design. THE PRESENT invites you to celebrate a party of the future and - for reasons of nature conservation - not to laugh too loud.

Because in this place in the middle of the Plänterwald, guests will not only see the pale starry sky and the airy installations made of loofah sponges that they can take home with them, but also, if they are very lucky, the kestrels in their eyrie, the nightingales among the trees and the bats above their heads.

And if they are very quiet, together with THE PRESENT they can hear how a bond between nature and culture could sound. Watch out that the laughter doesn't get stuck in their throats.



The three ladies and two gentlemen of the solo vocal ensemble THE PRESENT have set their sights high: In three parts from April to July, they invite you to save the world for a change - in places that are inextricably linked to Berlin's transformation and a new understanding of nature and the city.

Working collectively with director and writer Therese Schmidt and set designer Hsuan Huang, they have created three musical evenings that confront the climate crisis with complete hubris and a twinkle in their eyes - whether those eyes are laughing or crying is something only the guests can decide for themselves.
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Florian Hille, Will Frost, Hanna Herfurtner, Amélie Saadia, Olivia Stahn


Hanna Herfurtner, Hsuan Huang, Amélie Saadia, Therese Schmidt, Olivia Stahn


Amélie Saadia


Therese Schmidt


Hsuan Huang


Änne-Marthe Kühn

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