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The pop-up shop presents a colorful installation of approx. 200 curated unique pieces of the most diverse models, from small hip bags to shoppers and tote bags to backpacks made from recycled truck tarpaulins, drunk PET bottles or airbags that have never been used. hanging from the ceiling by car seat belts. The space, a construction site in the middle of construction, embodies the beauty of imperfection - one of FREITAG's design principles.

FREITAG's pop-up bag rental under the motto "Rent instead of buy" tests circular service and promotes sustainability. Interested parties can borrow selected one-of-a-kind bags here and exchange them again and again if they want a different model or something different.

The bag makers from Zurich have long been aware that access to products is more important than ownership. The department for future projects, the "FREITAG Laboratory Of Progress" (F.L.O.P.) is trying to find out exactly what a bag rental offer has to look like so that it meets the needs of the urban city dwellers of today and tomorrow with the pop-up pilot in Berlin and has teamed up with the Berlin fashion rental company POOL to implement it.

Until August 17, 2023, you can choose your favorite unique item for 9 euros per month - and you can come back as often as you like and exchange it for the next favorite unique item. The results are then evaluated, the services optimized, the seat belts dismantled and processed into bag carrying straps or similar at the FREITAG headquarters, and the next steps towards the circular economy are planned.