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one-man tragicomedy about daddy issues

one-man tragicomedy about daddy issues: Globetrotting Londoner David is having a midlife crisis. He longs to grow up, but his dad keeps getting in the way. And he’s been dead 20 years.

David’s father Marcello was a Libyan-Italian Jew who survived the Nazi concentration camps as a child. Larger-than-life, he lived through business success and failure, casinos and shady deals, an unexplained bomb, and a terrifying accident – hauling his loved ones along on his wild rollercoaster of life.

In Pieces of a Man, David brings us on his journey to make peace with his father. Hilarious and moving, this universal story shows how we can approach the complex legacies of our parents with creativity and joy.

One-man show in English
Duration: 1h 15m

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