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“Cancel culture” is appearing more and more frequently as a catchphrase in debates. Some see it as a kind of extremism that prevents discussions about certain topics, for others it is purely a fighting term. Is there something to that? Is “cancel” a ban, a necessary argument or an attack on culture? Or is this all exaggerated?

The philosopher and best-selling author Philipp Hübl and the migration expert Naika Foroutan discuss this. It is moderated by Christiane Florin.

The Philharmonic Discourse deals with topics that move, touch and arouse curiosity: prominent guests and presenters discuss current issues and aspects of politics, society, culture and history.

Even though the focus of this event is on words, music is not usually neglected – with an accompanying programme by the Karajan Academy or performances by guest artists.

Language: German
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Naika Foroutan
Philipp Hübl
Christiane Florin