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Abraham, born in Serbia in 1892, was a star all over Europe at least since his operetta "Viktoria and her Hussar" and gave legendary "goulash parties" for "tout" Berlin in his house on Fasanenstraße. Even though the composer, spoiled by success, suffered from depression, often couldn't sleep, then wandered the streets and tried to distract himself in bars and casinos or with women, he was a workaholic.

»Die Blume von Hawaii« surpassed the success of »Viktoria« and his next coup - »Ball im Savoy« - was the cultural event of the late Weimar era. But then Hitler came to power, Abraham's works ended up on the index, he fled to Budapest and later via Paris and Havana to the USA, where all his attempts to land new projects failed. But the symptoms of a mental illness intensified - he conducts an imaginary orchestra on the street in white gloves - which finally brought him to a psychiatric ward for ten years. Paul Abraham died in Hamburg in 1960.

Tonight, Andrea Chudak (soprano), Tobias Hagge (bass), Max Doehlemann (piano) and Judith Kessler (speaker) will resurrect the »King of Operetta« and his most beautiful hits.

(Program in German)

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