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Curators guide through the Ethnological Collections and Asian Art

Curators from the Ethnological Collections and the Museum for Asian Art will provide insights into the new presentation of the collection. Ask your questions and get into conversation with the curators – about provenance, dialogue processes with the societies of origin, favourite objects and background knowledge.

Reduced forms and colours characterise the current thematic exhibition in the galleries dedicated to art from East Asia. The minimalist-looking artworks by artists of different origins only reveal their complexity at second glance.

Two-dimensional paintings as well as three-dimensional works made of ceramics, lacquer, metal and stone show diversity in simplicity. They captivate through the use of different techniques, media and themes. We invite you to view and discuss with us the complexity of reduced aesthetics and simple elegance on the basis of contemporary positions from East Asia.

Emma Shu-Hui Lin and Maria Sobotka will guide us through the collection.

- Price: 8,00 EUR
- Location: Museum of Asian Art, 3rd floor,
- max. 20 persons
- Language: German

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