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Back show with Annekathrin Kohout and Wolfgang Ullrich. Afterwards party.

The first series of books that systematically deals with the aesthetic, social and political dimensions of digital visual phenomena.

The world is changing due to digitization: Images are experiencing an enormous increase in importance. With smartphones, they can be produced faster, more variably and more professionally than ever, and thanks to social media, they can be distributed and shared in almost any way.

For the first time, people can communicate with images just as naturally as they can with spoken or written language. The "Iconic Turn" proclaimed years ago has become reality. This results in numerous new forms and functions of images. Although selfies, memes, fake images or image protests have precursors in the analog world, they can only be understood from the logic and infrastructure of social media. So far, there have been no suitable criteria for classifying digital image culture. The volumes in the Digital Image Cultures series deal with the most important digital image phenomena, they take up or initiate debates, offer expert overviews and venture initial theses.

Edited by Wolfgang Ullrich and Annekathrin Kohout

Annekathrin Kohout, born in 1989, is a cultural and media scientist. As a freelance author, she writes about pop culture, internet phenomena and art. She has been running the blog since 2015. She is the publisher and editor of Pop magazine. culture and criticism and works as a research assistant at the University of Siegen.

Wolfgang Ullrich, born in 1967, lives in Leipzig as an art historian and freelance author. Since 1998 he has published twelve books with Verlag Klaus Wagenbach, including Hang Deeper, Pictures on a World Tour, The History of Blurring, Victory Art and True Master Values.

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