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In which languages does Berlin write? PARATAXE regularly invites Berlin authors who write in languages other than German to talk, read and translate at different venues.

The readings will be given by Julia Kissina, a Ukrainian writer from Berlin/New York, who writes in Russian, and Haytham El-Wardany, an Egyptian from Berlin, and his translator Sandra Hetzl.

Julia Kissina, born in 1966 in Kiev, is a novelist. She studied at the Gerasimov Institute for Cinematography in Moscow and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. As a visiting professor for photography, she taught at the State School of Design in Karlsruhe and the Rodchenko Art School in Moscow.

Haytham El-Wardany was born in Cairo and lives in Berlin. He writes and translates German literary texts into Arabic, including works by Walter Benjamin. He has published a number of prose and story collections.

An evening in German, English, Russian and Arabic - with literary translations!

Presenter: Martin Jankowski

Admission: 5€ / 3€
(box office only)

Sunday, 03.09.2023, 7:00 pm

Location: PANDA Theatre (KulturBrauerei)
Knaackstraße 97
10435 Berlin
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