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German cabaret prize in the cabaret category 2023

You don't have to be 17 years old and sitting on the street on Fridays to do something about climate change! We can all do something to save the planet. Sometimes it's enough to go to a cabaret and listen to Anny Hartmann.

The qualified economist has the tools to firstly analyze economic and political connections and secondly to convey them in an amusing, snappy and easy-to-understand manner. Her humor is infectious, her attitude inspiring. Environmental protection does not have to mean a prohibition regime, but can enrich our lives.

Let yourself be surprised at how cheerful and creative Anny Hartmann comes around the corner with suggested solutions. There is guaranteed to be something for you. In her new solo “Climate Ballerina” she even dances – poking fun at those in power. This keeps you young and gives hope for the future.

(Program in German)

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