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Art festival in Moabit and the Hansa Quarter

From 1 to 3 September 2023, the Kunstverein Tiergarten will once again host the Ortstermin art festival. Under the theme GAST/SPIELE, artists and cultural practitioners from various media have been invited to turn Moabit and the Hansaviertel into a place of hospitality for a weekend.


Hospitality is multifaceted - it encompasses all aspects of interpersonal life and is the basis of our social interaction.

It means openness towards the guest, their attitudes, their actions and their thinking.
The flip side of hospitality is exclusion - "You are a guest here!" can also be a threat.

Ortstermin 23 becomes a field of experimentation for hosts and guests. Over the weekend, a district of encounters, of being received and of sharing emerges.

Numerous individuals, collectives and institutions will take part:
  • The Akademie der Künste invites you to its exhibition Time to Listen free of charge.
  • In the Kleiner Tiergarten, the Off-Road Collective presents the dance performance El otro lado.
  • The ZK/U, Haus Kunst Mitte and the Hansa Library open their doors.

The more than one hundred participating projects can be viewed on the website.

The brochures with programme overviews can be found at the
participating locations as well as in various institutions, restaurants and shops in Moabit.

In the context of mon habite, Moabiter:innen make private things public.
The decentralised project invites people to become curators themselves and create situations of hospitality. Participants present hobbies, collections or their private view of the neighbourhood in their own homes in a variety of ways.

In this way, festival visitors get to know Moabit away from public places and shops.
The artist Sophia Frese, for example, shows under the title Guerilla Space what it is like to negotiate household and workplace in a flat as a single mother.

Places like the Nord-West Oase and the Kallasch& - Moabit Bar Project serve not only for exhibitions, but also as info locations for site visits and as starting points for guided tours.

The well-known Moabit pubs, bars and hotels function as festival centres in the neighbourhood, bringing residents together and offering a place for exchange and togetherness.

While Moabit is in a state of flux, this year Ortstermin bridges the gap between long-established venues and new scene locations.

Art Festival in Moabit and the Hansa Quarter
Friday 01.09., 6 pm
at the Galerie Nord | Kunstverein Tiergarten, Turmstraße 75

  • Ortstermin 23 is a project of Galerie Nord | Kunstverein Tiergarten and is supported by Bezirksamt Mitte, visitBerlin and Bezirkskulturfonds Berlin
Additional information
Regular opening hours from 2pm to 7pm, there may be deviations in individual cases, all current times can be viewed online and in print.

  • Free admission at all venues