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Curator's tour with Carolin Alff, SPSG

In the Neues Palais there are a number of surprising facts that tell of colonialism in Prussia and its prehistory.

Emperor Wilhelm II had the so-called "Somali Society" brought to Potsdam and initiated a discriminatory "ethnic show" behind the communes at the New Palace to educate the "women and children".

In 1901, in the Grotto Hall, Wilhelm II received the delegation of Prince Chun II, a brother of the Chinese Emperor, who had been forced to apologize for the murder of the German envoy during the "Boxer Rebellion" in China.

Also in the grotto hall is the so-called "Peak of Kilimanjaro". The stone from the massif of Kilimanjaro had been given to the Emperor by the geographer Hans Meyer as a symbolic conquest of the highest point of Africa.

The prehistory of German colonialism is also visible in the rooms of the New Palace. The Venetian artist Andrea Celesti painted an opulent history painting densely filled with "oriental" ideas from a European perspective.

As part of the theme year Elector - Emperor - Colonies

(Program in German)
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