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mit Dominik Susteck

György Ligeti's "Volumina" cannot be played on every organ. However, the Jehmlich instrument at Berlin's Konzerthaus is completely up to the work, as are three other impressive solitaires of organ literature by Bach, Kagel and Rihm.

Orgel im Konzerthaus Berlin - Großer Saal
Orgel im Konzerthaus Berlin - Großer Saal © Felix Löchner / Sichtkreis


  • Johann Sebastian Bach - Fantasy and Fugue for Organ in G minor BWV 542.
  • Mauricio Kagel - "Rrrrrrr ..." - Eight pieces for organ
  • Wolfgang Rihm - Three fantasies for organ (1967)
  • Dominik Susteck - "Signs" (2016)György Ligeti - "Volumina"
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