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Based on a true story but not really

Every person lives in a reality tunnel, a subjective objectivity. This tunnel cannot be escaped; at best, the degree of distortion can be minimized.

The satirical practice »Operation Mindfuck«, developed in 1968 by Kerry Thornley and Robert Anton Wilson, aims to make people aware of their own reality tunnels by spreading a fundamental uncertainty throughout society. To this end, people are to be infected with paranoia and their ability to trust in their own perceptions destroyed. Amidst the upsurge in conspiracy theories and the desire for simple answers to complex topics, the time seems ripe for a re-examination of »Operation Mindfuck«.

Yael Ronen and Dimitrij Schaad dedicate themselves to the practice in a wild ride through various reality tunnels, conspiracy theories and unbelievable historical events – Based on a true story, but not really. So, a real mindfuck.

Performance rights: Yael Ronen & Dimitrij Schaad

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By Yael Ronen, Dimitrij Schaad
Participating artists
Maryam Abu Khaled
Orit Nahmias
Till Wonka
Yael Ronen
Amit Epstein
Yaniv Fridel
Clara Probst