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Vessel of Love

In the reflective corridors of our past, humanity has etched its mark with remarkable achievements, one question persists—what about love? How is it received? And is it as boundless as it is often described and sung about?

“Why, My Love?” starts from the individual stories, different cultures and rich backgrounds of a soulful ensemble, but also a soulful community. “A Song For You”, a BIPOC collective, emerges as the storyteller and brings the sounds of different cultures, which the collective itself represents, to the stage.

With the support of A Song For You’s band, who will lay the foundational bed for the voices, the work explores sounds from the genres of Jazz, Gospel, Spoken word, Percussion, Soul.

“Why, My Love?” is a symphony of harmony, rhythm, rhyme, melody, words, movement, and instrumentation, meticulously orchestrated, bringing different ideas, but also the complexity of love, into the Vessel of Love.

The composition deals with societal challenges such as colonialism, imperialism, sexism and gender politics. With “Why, My Love?”, the collective aims to address these issues, but also to create a shared space in which love can be celebrated without hierarchy.

approx. 150 mins.

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Additional information
“Love is a Verb” is a festival by HAU Hebbel am Ufer. Funded by: Hauptstadtkulturfonds.