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On September 10, 2023, 15 station buildings in Brandenburg will open their doors as part of the "Open Station Day". The train stations offer interested visitors the opportunity to take a look at their striking buildings and to explore their diverse uses.

An excellent opportunity to learn more about the history and planned development of the station buildings. The number of participants is growing every year and the program varies from station to station.

This event is being organized for the third time by the "Bahnhof Competence Center" of the Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB) as part of the "Open Monument Day".

A total of 15 train stations in Brandenburg are taking part in this year's "Open Train Station Day": Wittstock/Dosse, Breddin, Fürstenberg, Dannenwalde, Kaiserbahnhof Joachimsthal, Hangelsberg, Hoppegarten, Kaiser- and Bürgerbahnhof Halbe, Drebkau, Ortrand, Klasdorf, Herzberg (Elster), Wiesenburg and Werder.
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