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Germany's King of R'n'B is a Latino from Berlin - Niqo Nuevo! The Berliner with Chilean roots admires all the German-speaking legends of rhythm and blues, but also makes it clear that no matter how trends have developed in recent years, no one has remained true to R'n'B besides him. And nowadays? That's exactly the style that's back in vogue.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: NIQO NUEVO RELEASE KONZERT
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His career goal: to create his own monument through his music against all odds! To achieve this, he has the necessary qualities: The self-confidence of a capital city dweller, paired with German discipline as well as South American passion. Straightforward, impressive, inspiring... and refreshingly focused on what people love him for: Modern Rhythm and Blues from the German capital.

While his father, an established Chilean musician, laid the foundation for the musical craft in Niqo's cradle, the right feeling and understanding for current trends and vibes has developed through Niqo's life in the metropolis of Berlin. Add to this a pinch of 2000s club sounds and the result is a mix of high-quality songs that combine a big-city attitude with Latin American sexiness to create a state of the art R'n'B.

 This is exactly what listeners can expect on 101 (pronounced "One-oh-One"), the title of the new album, which Niqo Nuevo produced mostly on his own and on which the crème de la crème of the German-speaking R'n'B scene cavorts as feature guests: PA Sports, Manuellsen, Kianush, Cassandra Steen, Jonesmann, Moe Mitchell and Rola.

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