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In November 1989, the satirical magazine Titanic put the "Zonen-Gaby" on its cover. It becomes the best-selling issue. A low point in German-German relations. The misunderstandings remain to this day. Time to approach each other. Nicole Zepter tries to make a start.

Nicole Zepter
Nicole Zepter © Gunnar Geller Gross

The reunification. A miracle in Germany! And the West Germans, who had neither risked their lives for a revolution nor had to live in a dictatorship, reacted with fear and disappointment, often on a superficial level: "What do they look like? Now they're taking our money, too! ..." A high point was certainly the invention of the "Zone-Gaby" with the Titanic title "My first banana." Why did the West react so gloatingly, why is there still a lack of recognition from West to East, how can prejudices be overcome and how?

For this, Nicole Zepter, former editor-in-chief of Neon, talks to West Germans about their Wende experiences, tries to find the causes for the failures and shows that it is not too late for reconciliation.

(Program in German)
Pfefferberg - Theater