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15 Years - The Anniversary Tour

2023 marks the 15th anniversary of the New York Gospel Stars! Since the beginning, they have been one of the best gospel formations in the world. Their show is a gripping experience for young and old. The anniversary concert in the Passion Church will make the audience cheer, sing and dance along. The New York Gospel Stars are as distinctive as their hometown New York. Lively, dynamic, always in motion and underpinned by their own special sound.

New York Gospel Stars in einer Kirche
New York Gospel Stars in einer Kirche © Makis Photography

The special thing about the NEW YORK GOSPEL STARS:

Every year, in addition to the regular line-up, there are always new singers. Each member has a unique voice and an individual way of interacting with the audience. So every year old songs are spiced up with fresh new accents!

This year, the NEW YORK GOSPEL STARS are finally back on tour with joyful, rousing, inspiring, but also sometimes melancholic and sad songs. At every show it becomes clear how much the NEW YORK GOSPEL STARS believe in God and want to bring the message, as well as the spirit (in German "Geist") to the audience, to which they always seek a special bond. Especially in difficult times it is time for "Good News", that's what Gospel stands for.

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