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30 years zenith

Carsten Bockermann
Carsten Bockermann © Carsten Bockermann

NESSI TAUSENDSCHÖN feat. William Mackenzie (git)

A BEST OF with old hits and new numbers.

People want to laugh. We are humans, we want to be happy and not always complain. But often we do. And that's exactly what happens in the evening on cabaret stages in the best case: Elegant, clever and beautiful quarreling with the big, but also with the small issues of life. Failure as a redoubt, success by chance, happiness as the result of continuous striving for knowledge.

For 30 years Nessi Tausendschön has not been bombed off the stage. 30 years of sophisticated shabbiness, smooth big and small art, dance of amazement, melancholic contrite poetry and beautiful music. When Nessi celebrates the ruptures of life, even the soul-blind in the audience awake from their distanced torpor, then the boundaries between inner, remembered mental reality and outer bodily presence, between the public and the private, even the intimate, become blurred and no eye remains dry. In short: as a cabaret artist Nessi has a tongue like a riding whip, but as a singer she has a voice like an angel. A wonderful combination.

Nessi Tausendschön is a real top dog on the German cabaret scene and is known from television and radio, from the Satire Summit or as a regular guest on Gerburg Jahnke's "Ladies Night" on WDR and ARD or in "Die Anstalt" on ZDF. For the sake of completeness, it should be said that 30 years on stage have not passed Ms. Tausendschön by without leaving a trace: She is the winner of the German Cabaret Prize and the Salzburg Bull. These awards may be representative of the numerous other honors with which the culture industry has honored the cabaret natural Nessi Tausendschön. And one more thing: Since the Böhmermann affair, we all know: Satire does have an effect, even if it's only a state affair, haha.

And knowing that I am a small cog in the big world, I can say with a clear conscience: I like being a cabaret artist. An amusement lady, a joke whore, a joke prostitute, a joker, a fun kurtisane, a fezdirne, a joke bitch, a joke slut, a joke call girl, in the north they probably say: a laughing cunt, today in neo-speak it's called "joke account facility manager".

(Program in  German)

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