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An intercultural and interreligious concert performance with singers from the Berlin vocal ensemble Vox Nostra Winnie Brückner (soprano), Werner Blau (bass), Burkard Wehner (tenor and musical direction) as well as Rasha Ragab (shakuhachi, recitation and performance), Normisa Pereira da Silva ( bass flute) and Christoph Nicolaus (stone harps)

Gregorian hymns in a sound dialogue with Sufi poetry in Arabic. The earthy tones of the bass flute, the delicate tones of the Japanese bamboo flute Shakuhachi and the spherical sounds of the stone harps interact with this.

The focus is on love for creation as a spiritual connection and a common task between religions. The special focus here is on the historical significance of women. Rabi'a of Basra and Hildegard of Bingen are the focus: two great women of mysticism in a dialogue that transcends time and space.
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