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The Lords of the Sound Orchestra has another surprise in store: an unforgettable evening with a brand new program called "The Music of Hans Zimmer".

Dune, Spider-Man 2, The Dark Knight, Interstellar, Gravity, Sherlock Holmes, Angels and Demons, Da Vinci Code, Pearl Harbor, Gladiator , "Mission Impossible, The Beginning", "Pirates of the Carribean", "Spirit", "Wonder Woman", "Madagascar" - these sonorous works by Hans Zimmer will be performed by the renowned symphony orchestra Lords of The Sound!

Hans Zimmer, a German film composer, is best known for his film Rain Man. "When I composed the music for Rain Man, I always had in mind: Don't drown out the characters. Stay in the background. Raymond, the main character, doesn't really understand where he is. His perception of the world is different from ours... So why not create a 'world music' that only exists in his head?" Hans recalls. This work marked a real breakthrough in his career, as Zimmer was nominated for an Oscar.

Hollywood's most respected directors lined up to work with him. Hans devoted himself to his work with passion and often wrote the musical themes for two or even three films at the same time. The Disney studios were so fascinated by his music that they commissioned Zimmer to score the animated film "The Lion King". The title track of this film brought him three major awards - an Academy Award, a Golden Globe and a Grammy. Since then, Zimmer has won numerous awards and is considered one of Hollywood's preeminent artists. Hardly any Oscars go by without Zimmer being nominated.

The breathtaking success of the Lords of the Sound Orchestra concerts, coupled with the outstanding compositions of Hans Zimmer, will immerse you in an unforgettable experience. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of an enchanting fairy tale, filled with the beauty of the symphonic sound, the rock band's favorite pieces, the radiant visual effects, the powerful solo parts of the singers and the choir and the rousing energy and unbridled positive charisma of the entire group!

The musicians of the Lords of the Sound Orchestra will take part in this concert.

Soloists: Yaroslav Radionenko, Mariana Shcherbak and Yaroslava Taran
Conductor: Shahrokh Fathizadeh

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