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Young Euro Classic 2022 – Kindertag

A NEXT GENERATION children's concert. This fable about empathy moves young and old. And that literally: because children from 3 years of age make music and dance along! Accompanied by the lively music of Aziza Sadikova, an interactive concert for small and big ears is created. Mopitu is a little elephant with big ears. They are great, but also hurt when he plays with his friends and it gets loud. In Franziska Rau's imaginative fable, the little elephant finally confides in his friends.

Konzerthaus Berlin - Kleiner Saal
Konzerthaus Berlin - Kleiner Saal © Promo

What will the snail, the mole and the hedgehog say? Set to music by Aziza Sadikova, Ensemble Quillo brings the story about empathy and the courage to open up to life. But not without its audience! With interactive elements, the young guests are involved in the stage action. Whether they dance along, play music or paint along: This will be a lively participatory concert for small and big ears!

Aziza Sadikova - "Mopitu - A Little Elephant Story" (2018)

(Program in German)

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Educational Services
Participating artists
Ensemble Quillo (Ensemble)
Luise Rau (Violoncello)
Franziska Rau (Kontrabass)
Simon Lauer (Schlagzeug)
Max Renne (Tasteninstrumente)
Ursula Weiler (Künstlerische Leitung)
Konzerthaus Berlin - Kleiner Saal