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Reflection on our own privilege and on the medium of money

DETOX addresses musically, performatively and conceptually its own entanglement and that of art in general in the global flows of capital. DETOX creates frameworks for interpersonal relationships beyond the logic of money.

They want to promote awareness of the fact that listening and making music cannot only be understood as an end in itself, but that every aesthetic experience is always also entangled in the global system, in the logic of the global market.

Since February 2023, DETOX has been carrying out a monthly "wash", be it in the form of a short video, an improset or a pop-up event in public space.

In September they cooperate with two external artists and play an improset with perfromance artist and dancer Qiyun Zheng and with drummer Wieland Möller.
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By and with: Maja vK, Anton X, Qiyun Zheng, Wieland Möller


Funded by Musikfonds and by Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien