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Modern Soul Band have been live on stage for over 55 years. The attraction of the cult band from the former GDR is unbroken. Even today, the MODERN SOUL BAND with its three-part horn section has lost nothing of its playing power and musical quality. On the contrary, the joy of making music is immediately transferred from the band to the audience and guarantees the visitors a fantastic concert experience.

Gerhard "Hugo" Laartz founded the Modern Soul Band in 1968, after the predecessor band, the "Musik Stromers", was banned from performing. The Musik Stromers included well-known musicians such as Gunther Wosylus (Puhdys), Hansi Biebl and Herbert Dreilich (Karat).
On their current concert tour, the Modern Soul Band spans a wide musical arc from yesterday to today. In the 55th year of the existence of the band 2023 beat. With frontman and entertainer Dirk Lorenz, the band plays almost without exception their own titles, all from the pen of Hugo Laartz, who at 83 years old is still behind his keyboards.

As in 2018 for the 50th anniversary, the concert on September 28, 2023 at the Kes selhaus in the Kulturbrauerei will be accompanied by top-class guests, including Uschi Brüning, Toni Krahl, Jaqueline Boulonge (voc), Conny Bauer (tb), Uwe Haßbecker (violin/git), Peter Pabst (git/voc), Tobias Unterberg (cello) and Sören Birke (harp).

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