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with Ptaszek and Bužma, Hurley & The Blue Dots, Roger Wade & The Houserockers, Abi Wallenstein

Their Mississippi is called Spree, Danube, Seine, Thames and Lambro and the world-travelling musicians this year come from France, Italy, England and Hungary. As every year, Micha Maass invites you to the festival at the Kulturbrauerei.

A cult event where a new generation presents itself, paying homage to the legacies of the blues pioneers of the Mississippi Delta. From the acoustically refined to the raucous and rousing, the stories still tell of wine, women and languorous moments when there's a little too much of it, or not enough.

The 10th edition will take place on Sunday 20 August 2023 from 3pm at SODA Beach Garden. Internationally renowned musicians, the best barbecue in town and the unique backdrop of the Kulturbrauerei make the festival so informal and special.

Advance booking is underway.

There is one thing that is not lacking here, Memphis-style BBQ, matching the music.

  • 3 pm Ptaszek and Bužma
  • 4 pm Hurley & The Blue Dots
  • 5 pm Roger Wade & The Houserockers
  • 6 pm Abi Wallenstein

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Participating artists
Ptaszek and Bužma
Hurley & The Blue Dots
Roger Wade & The Houserockers
Abi Wallenstein