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They could be sisters or lovers, friends or strangers, they could be doctor and mourner or nurse and dying woman. United in solidarity and strength, two women are able to accept death as an inevitable, but important part of their lives. They show that an open dialogue about dying can bring about new power and perspectives and that the knowledge about pain and our own mortality can make us grow as individuals, and as a society.

The two protagonists connect, and so do contemporary dance, electro-acoustic music, textile arts and video elements. Together they create a unique view on death and the evanescence of life.
Additional information
Funded by Stiftung Frauen in Europa & TuWas - Stiftung für Gemeinsinn.

Choreography, stage, and video: Elisabeth Kindler-Abali

Composition: Jaspar Libuda

Dance: Elisabeth Kindler-Abali, Romane Petit

Co-work set: Ayse Özel

Press: Sara Fremberg

Light: Wolfgang Pütz

Camera: Bilen Emek Abali