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Reading with Melina Borcak

The filmmaker and journalist Melina Borcak presents her first book "Mecca here, Mecca there! Moderator, journalist and entrepreneur Esra Karakaya will lead the evening. The first major book on anti-Muslim racism - biting, astute and surprisingly entertaining.

NSU, Hanau, arson attacks, even genocides - anti-Muslim racism is a widespread problem. But many people don't even know exactly what is meant by it. Muslims are constantly accused of extremism and backwardness, which has a major impact on social coexistence.

Filmmaker and journalist Melina Borcak uses numerous examples to show how language promotes racist mental images - in a witty, understandable and always surprisingly amusing way. It is impossible to look away.

Melina Borcak is a filmmaker, journalist and media critic. She was born in Bosnia and fled to Germany in 1992. After almost 20 years in Bosnia, she returned to Germany in 2015 and works for CNN, ARD, Deutsche Welle and funk, among others.

Wednesday, 15.11.2023, 7:30 pm

Location: Backfabrik Clinker Lounge
Saarbrücker Street 36-38
10405 Berlin

(Program in German)

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