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a Wilhelm Leuschner portrait

How is resistance possible in an all-encompassing dictatorship? A question that is being asked again in many countries today.

In their production, Jan Uplegger (actor), Yumiko Tsubaki (violin) and Maria Hinze (piano) show how, under the rule of the National Socialists, a single man without today's possibilities for digital communication and storage media built up a network that encompassed the whole of Germany.

Wilhelm Leuschner was the heart and brain of the underground social democratic trade union, in connection with the military resistance around Stauffenberg and other liberal trade unionists, with whom he planned a unified trade union. He also created the basis of today's DGB.

The starting point for Leuschner's secret resistance activities was his factory in Kreuzberger Eisenbahnstraße - only a few houses away from the Theaterforum Kreuzberg.

Followed by an audience discussion with Dr. Stefan Heinz from the German Resistance Memorial Center.
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Gedenkstätte Deutscher Widerstand
Participating artists
Jan Uplegger
Yumiko Tsubaki
Maria Hinze