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Transcultural Happening in the Lichtenberg Museum

The “The Meaning of the Nine” initiative has invited the Syrian artist Yaser Safi and the German-Spanish music duo Ehrhardt & García to present their works at the Lichtenberg Museum. Together they create a transcultural happening that includes all the senses.

Yaser Safi presents a selection of drawings that reflect his many years of artistic research into the kitchen as a place of work and creativity, but also as a place of social and political issues. Ehrhardt & García cover a wide range of tango history and show passion and longing arranged for guitar and vocals. Drinks and small delicacies are also offered, selected and prepared according to the artists' inspiration.

In collaboration with the Lichtenberg Museum and the artists involved, “The Meaning of the Nine” creates a space for conversations and encounters. Anyone interested, especially from Victoriakiez and Lichtenberg Süd, is warmly invited to come together and experience art, culture and neighborhood together.

The event takes place from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the tea kitchen of the Lichtenberg Museum.
Additional information
Meeting point: Tea kitchen in the Museum Lichtenberg