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They are subjects of a medical study at the Berlin Charité, whose “side effects” have unexpected consequences: biological rejuvenation by several years. Jacob has just met his first love and suddenly loses all desire. Jenny has been wishing for a child for many years in vain and suddenly becomes pregnant.

Wenger, a seriously ill real estate patriarch, says goodbye to the world with a lavish party, only to blossom again shortly afterwards - to the despair of his heirs. And Verena, the two-time Olympic champion in the 100 meter freestyle, has long since left her professional days behind her when she surprisingly sets new records in an exhibition match between former stars. When the public finds out about her rejuvenation, events take over.

An incredibly clear-sighted novel that follows its protagonists full of humor and warmth through the craziest year of their lives. And who, as if in passing, asks the big ethical and social questions that arise when humanity conquers aging.

Maxim Leo, born in East Berlin in 1970, is a trained chemical laboratory technician, studied political science and became a journalist. Today, together with Jochen Gutsch, he writes bestsellers about talking men and adolescents, as well as scripts for “Tatort”. In 2006 he received the Theodor Wolff Prize. He was awarded the European Book Prize in 2011 for his autobiographical book “Keep Your Heart Ready.” His crime novel “Waidmannstod” was published in 2014 and “Auentod” in 2015. His autobiographical book “Where we are at home” was published in 2019, followed by “The Hero from Friedrichstraße Station” in 2022.

(Program in German)

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