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shore talk with Wolfgang Immenhausen and Dr. John Nathan

Celebrate Max Liebermann's 176th birthday with the Liebermann-Villa am Wannsee with an inspiring conversation between Wolfgang Immenhausen, founding member and former second chairman of the Max Liebermann Society, and Dr. Johannes Nathan, chairman of the association. Both will shed light on the exciting history of the origins of the Liebermann Villa in Wannsee - and in doing so will particularly recall the events since MLG was founded in 1995.

This conversation takes place on the idyllic banks of the Wannsee in the Liebermann Garden - a place that played a prominent role in the life of Max Liebermann and his family and became the source of inspiration for many of his works.

The Liebermann-Villa am Wannsee cordially invites you to participate and enjoy the picturesque view of the water while you follow the history of the museum.

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