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Lucie Mackert and Peter Fischer are MACKEFISCH. The two stand for a wild mixture of self-made suitcase drums, piano, banjo, guitars, synth sounds and klimbim. In addition, German lyrics of extraordinary range: funny and silly, imaginative and poetic, biting and merciless.

Mackefisch © Max Saufler


With beguiling harmony vocals to melt away and rapid word acrobatics, the two take aim at the emotional state of society. Whether martially driving or loosely swinging - the propulsive energy of this two-person orchestra is contagious.

With Harmoniedergang, the award-winning mini-band Mackefisch delivers the earworm-worthy soundtrack of this era.

MACKEFISCH are winners of numerous awards and prizes (cabaret prize "St. Ingberter Pfanne", cabaret prize "Mindener Stichling", Walther-von-der-Vogelweide prize, cabaret promotion prize of the state of Baden-Württemberg and others).

Super exciting! (Jury Kleinkunstpreis Baden-Württemberg) Harmony singing with such word acrobatics has never been heard before. (SCHALL Magazine 2022, Issue 28)

Her poetic lyrics hit the nerve of the time. (Die Rheinpfalz)

Mackefisch possess the rare ability to turn smiles into sounds with great flair, even in difficult times. (Ado Schlier, Walther-von-der-Vogelweide Prize)

Without Corona, the audience of the republic would probably have been laughing at their feet long ago. (Elmar Krämer, Deutschlandfunk)

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