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Lisa Meyer & Taale Frese

You love the 90s and are looking for a suitable outfit or are you just a bit nostalgic?

An ice cream shop. Or is it a temple? Five best friends spoon up patriarchy's bittersweet banana split. Your hands are sticky. With sparkling eyes they tinker with their imaginary dream men. They have no idea of Poseidon abusing Medusa, Athena punishing her or Perseus' sword. And when they suspect it, they don't warn themselves. And when they experience it, the silence takes a seat next to them. Her eyes roll inward and become bones.

From this petrification, an ensemble opens the taps of bodily experiences and listens to what gushes and hisses; of near and distant violence. Motifs and loops swell into a song to sync with.

We don't follow the hero in this story, we follow the monster. What does Medusa have to do to be heroes themselves? How can we leave our hard skin of shame and finally tell without make-up, even though we wear lipstick?

»So I have to do the uncomfortable thing: identify the patriarchy in my life and then gradually, little by little, leave it behind to make room for something new.«

Lisa Jaspers & Naomi Ryland, In: Unlearn Patriarchy (2022)

Kindly supported by the German Stage Association Berlin and the Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte

  • Performers: Luisa Krause, Muriel Leinauer, Tanja Linnekogel, Paul Voell
  • Speakers: Irene Kugler, Nora Somaini
  • Director: Lisa Meyer
  • Dramaturgy: Taale Frese
  • Choreography: Carolina de Vega
  • Costume and make-up design: Jonas Roscher
  • Stage: Florian Fischer
  • Live Music: Fen King
  • Objects: Jonas Olbrich
  • Cooperation costume: Monty Roscher
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