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Faith In The Future World Tour 2023

Briton LOUIS TOMLINSON is in demand. No wonder, the former member of the boy band One Direction has many fans. He could also have made a career as a footballer. But music has made the singer and songwriter the real star.

Mercedes Benz Arena + VERTI HALL am Aben
Mercedes Benz Arena + VERTI HALL am Aben © AHOJ!

The singer and songwriter LOUIS TOMLINSON is going on a big tour again and is also coming to the German capital. With his two new singles "Out Of My System" and "Bigger Than Me" he already gives a foretaste of what awaits his fans on his next tour.

Both tracks are taken from the album "Faith In The Future". Louis has collaborated with well-known artist:inside for the album. The new album is a collection of songs that can be presented perfectly in the context of a live concert.

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